I'm an Interaction Designer based in NYC, previously living in the charming town of Savannah, GA. I recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

I was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a beautiful country located in the heart of Central America. I grew up observing people's relationship with the world around them, fascinated by the roles of design and technology in people's interactions with everyday objects.

As a hispanic woman in tech, I am passionate about creating work that empowers users and makes social impact through beautiful, engaging experiences. I also actively encourage other women and latinxs to find their voices and pursue their passions in design, art, and tech.

Currently working on:


A blog showcasing thriving women in the tech and design industry.

Other things I enjoy doing in my spare time:

✈️ Traveling around the world.
🎨 Exploring creative mediums.
🈳 Learning new languages.
🤺 Fencing. I like pretending I'm in a 15th century match in England.

volunteering --

Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2015 - 2016

Trabajo Educativo Social Volunteer Program
Participated in a 1 year program teaching 200+ illiterate people from rural areas of Honduras how to read and write as well as basic mathematics and science.

achievements / awards --

SCAD Startup 2019

2nd Place Winner

The rookies 2019


SCAD Entelechy Awards 2018 and 2019

Best Usability Design
Best Visual Design
Best In Innovation

misc. --

SCAD STARtup 2022


MIT Media lab

lead designer.

ux designer and developer

Columbia university 2020

Utilizing design guidelines - workshop lead.

cofolios mentor 2020

Mentoring rising UX students

Google GWE Summit 2019

Women in Tech participant.

inter.net scad club workshop facilitator 2018

Looking forward to chatting with you!